Amalthea has the tastiest aged goat cheese in the Netherlands!

We have the tastiest old goat cheese in the Netherlands on our shelves! Of course, we are extremely proud of this. Based on the best goat’s milk from our cooperative, the entire Amalthea team devotes all its energy and attention daily to making the tastiest cheese. No fewer than 23 cheeses competed in the Goat’s Cheese 50+ category. That makes this golden Gouda Cheese Award extra valuable! So it is not for nothing that we say; Amalthea, wonders of milk

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Corporate social responsibility

The cooperative believes in transparency in the chain and when it comes to the environment, which is why several members of the cooperative have educational programmes for primary and secondary schools, and tertiary education institutes on their farms. Groups can also visit the farms. We also frequently collaborate with universities about animal welfare research.