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Range of products
Range of products

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Our product range

Goat cheese highly valued across the world and promising product innovations

Amalthea makes a wide range of cheese specialities at its cheese factory. At the heart of this range is our portfolio of semi-hard goat cheese, which we market under the Amalthea brand and under customer brands. Besides goat cheese, Amalthea has a premium range of organic cow cheese on the market. We also develop innovative food products – often in collaboration with partners – using CleardMilk® as the basis.

Worldwide recognition

Our semi-hard goat cheeses have won several awards and are consumed by millions of people across the planet. Our semi-hard goat cheese has a mild flavour and it stands out thanks to its creamy, smooth consistency. Even though we are modest by nature, we are of course proud and passionate about our top-quality goat cheese. Depending on the time it takes to mature, the cheeses fall into different categories ranging from creamy fresh cheese to characteristic tangy mature cheese, which is ripened on pinewood boards for more than 40 weeks.

In addition to this range of traditional semi-hard natural goat’s cheese, we also have a wide range of specialities enriched with herbs, spices or various additives such as potato skin or truffles. This expands the range of opportunities for enjoying our goat cheese, from on sandwiches and for cooking to snacks and cheese boards.

Organic cow cheese

We make our organic cow cheese from organic milk supplied by Dutch farmers. Each and every day, they supply the highest quality, certified and controlled milk to the Amalthea cheese factory. We then use this milk to make a range of semi-hard organic cow cheese using specific recipes. We make foil-ripened cheese, as well as naturally ripened cheese that we cultivate on pinewood boards. The range mainly consists of natural Gouda-type cheese, but we are currently exploring options for organic Emmental, Maasdam and Gouda types with additives.

Product innovations

Customer requirements and sustainability are the guiding principles for our innovation programmes. We develop new product concepts in close collaboration with our customers. In the process, we examine the entire chain: from the milk, cheese-making, cheese ripening, packaging and the feed given to goats or organic cows to delivery and in-store presentations.

International awards

Our portfolio has won several prestigious awards across the world in recent years. For instance, our goat cheeses with edible herb rind won second and third place in the ‘goat cheese with additives’ category at the international cheese competition held in Wisconsin in the States. At the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy, two of our semi-hard goat cheeses won gold and silver. In addition, our organic cow cheeses have also gained international recognition through awards.

Amalthea’s semi-hard goat cheese is eligible to bear the PGI quality seal. The PGI quality seal guarantees, among other things, that Dutch goat cheese is made according to an original Dutch recipe using milk from dairy goats raised in the Netherlands.  In addition, the cheese has to be matured naturally in the Netherlands. The European Union grants the protected geographical indication (PGI) label.

Channel-specific products

Amalthea’s product portfolio is marketed globally through various marketing channels, including online, retail, catering, the industry, cheese specialty shops, wholesalers and out-of-home retail channels. In collaboration with our customers, we are always busy developing channel-specific product formulas to expand the categories.

Promising food innovations

In an effort to maximise the value and growth potential of goat dairy products across the board, we are also currently focusing on broadening our portfolio to include soft goat cheese, white cheeses, labneh and yoghurt. Together with Ausnutria, we have invested in a patented process for treating goat milk: CleardMilk®. CleardMilk® is the ideal base for a wide range of goat dairy products.

CleardMilk® is the ideal base for a wide range of goat dairy products.

Product portfolio

  • Semi-hard goat cheese
  • Semi-hard herb cheese
  • Organic semi-hard cheese cow
  • Semi-hard goat cheese slices
  • Organic semi-hard cow cheese slices
  • Fresh and mature soft-ripened goat cheese
  • Greek-style goat cheese
  • Meat substitutes
  • Yoghurt
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Range of products
Range of products
Range of products
Range of products