Wonders of milk

Wonders of milk

A wide range of cheeses, dairy products and ingredients based on a unique combination of craftsmanship and innovation.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of consumers, customers and farmers by making delicious and nutritious dairy products in a sustainable way, based on utilising the richness of goat and cow milk to the full extent.

The driving force behind achieving this ambition is by embracing change and responding to it by combining technological, product and process innovations with a no-nonsense approach, pragmatism and a healthy dose of trial and error. Together, passionate, and a bit better every day.

Innovation is in our nature.

First-class milk is the basis.

Top-quality milk from the Amalthea Cooperative of enterprising goat farmers is the foundation underlying Amalthea’s products. Together, we constantly work on improving animal welfare and the quality of the milk. Premium milk is the basis for great products and innovations for the organic cow milk that we process too.

Technology serving nature.

CleardMilk® is the source for product innovation, perfecting production processes and entrepreneurship by creating new categories. For example, our unique CleardMilk® Formula makes it possible to produce goat-milk-based or enhanced products locally, without having milk available locally.

Only the highest-achievable quality counts.
Going forward towards a sustainable future for the chain

Amalthea strives to minimise its ecological footprint. We are working together towards this with the Amalthea Cooperative, in the cheese factories, with our innovations and in collaboration with customers.

Customer motivation and sustainability are the guiding principles in our thinking

Strengthening all the links. So that we can meet customer requirements and achieve our sustainability targets as effectively as possible.

Global, award-winning range of semi-hard goat cheese and organic cow cheese

Our semi-hard goat cheeses and organic cow cheeses have won several awards and are appreciated by millions of consumers across the planet.

Organic cow cheese piece

Rich & Creamy

Organic Goat Cheese

Rich & Creamy

Organic Goat Cheese

Mild & Creamy

Organic Goat Cheese

Matured & Creamy