About Amalthea

Making the rich potential of milk available to all

Amalthea is the goat cheese producer in the Netherlands. No wonder our products are sold in more than 35 countries. At Amalthea, we work every day to make the most of the top-quality goat milk that we get from around 50 goat farmers who are members of the Amalthea Cooperative of Goat Farmers. Our mission is to enhance the lives of consumers, customers and farmers by making delicious and nutritious dairy products in a sustainable way, based on utilising the richness of goat and cow milk to the full extent.

Customer motivation and sustainability are the guiding principles in our thinking

Our thinking starts with consumer and customer requirements. Other important principles are sustainability and animal welfare. All three of these principles are the foundation for our vision of the category that we aim to continue developing together with our customers.

Together with customers and livestock farmers, we put this vision into practice in specific products, ranges, services and innovations. Supply chain management – from the livestock farmer to customer and consumer – is crucial in this. As Amalthea, we feel it is our duty to take on the role of chain director to achieve the transition from plan to execution.

Making the goodness of milk available

We are convinced that we can develop and market – in close cooperation with customers – successful, innovative concepts and services that add value. These innovative concepts and services have global market potential in B2B as well as B2C channels. The fact is that the richness and health benefits of goat milk as well as organic cow milk offer unlimited possibilities. One of Amalthea’s key drivers is being able to convert customer requirements into promising product innovations to grow the category.

The health benefits of goat milk

We believe in the power of goat milk as a basis for healthy nutrition. The casein protein in cow milk is often what underlies lactose intolerance. The composition of the casein protein in goat milk is essentially different in nature, and this makes it easier to digest. Being easier to digest is one of the reasons why the market share of goat dairy products in Europe, North, Central and South America as well as Asia is growing fast.

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Wonders of milk

It goes without saying that we make the most delicious cheese from milk. But milk has far more applications. As a source of protein, for example, it can add a lot of nutritional value to meat substitutes. We can produce a great range of dairy products from milk: from yoghurts to snacks made from dairy products. Check out our products page for more information about our range. Making the wonders of milk available through new products and applications is one of Amalthea’s key incentives..

Innovation is in our nature

Our aim is to make the rich potential of milk available to all. At the same time, we want to get everything we can out of milk: no part of it must be left unused.

Our vision

In a world in which the population is steadily growing and natural resources are becoming scarcer, the food companies of the future are the ones that manage to successfully make innovative, sustainable, healthy and suitable everyday food and drink products, ones that meet consumer needs and address social issues. In this respect, we firmly believe in the power of innovation. Innovation is in our nature and we believe that it is an absolute precondition for achieving our mission.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of consumers, customers and farmers across the world by making delicious and nutritious dairy products in a sustainable way, based on utilising the richness of goat and cow milk to the full extent. That is where our passion lies.

We create and develop excellent milk-based products with integrity each and every day, products that meet the requirements of the B2B and B2C markets. Thanks to our inquisitive nature and drive for innovation, we use state-of-the-art dairy technology that is among the best in the market. This is how we want to get the most out of milk.

Our core values

We are innovative and market oriented Our focus is outward looking. We work tirelessly to perfect out products and business processes, and we focus on local, regional and international markets. In the process, we think and act progressively and in a customer-oriented, strategic and entrepreneurial, chain-oriented and sustainable way. We think by definition in terms of new possibilities and opportunities that we are keen to take advantage of. The future is ours and all those with whom we work.


To achieve our mission under increasingly complex circumstances, we firmly believe in ‘the power of joining forces’. Which is why working together, accepting responsibilities together, understanding and respecting everyone’s motivations and daring to take constructive steps together are all perfectly normal for us. As the chain director, we are only too well aware that we have to form that chain together.


We are honest and open about what we do, how we do it and why we do it: this has always been our foundation. We realise that this sometimes requires being vulnerable and sometimes makes us vulnerable. But we don’t see that as a problem based on the conviction that together – with understanding and respect for each other – we learn and strive to improve every day. That is why we are transparent, self-aware and socially oriented. Animal welfare, our carbon footprint, excellent work processes, top-quality milk: these are all topics we deal with every day. We are outward looking – towards society – but know that society also watches what we do, and justifiably so.

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