Amalthea awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze at Dutch National Cheese Competition

Amalthea makes its mark on the occasion of the 62nd Dutch National Cheese Competition. Marcus Peters, Hein van den Borne and Jo Penders won gold, silver and bronze respectively in the ‘Industry’ category. They were awarded prizes for best indication of variety, maturity, flavour and quality, which resulted in Amalthea taking over the whole stage. This is unique in the history of the competition.

Amalthea produces semi-hard goat cheese and organic cow cheese in various forms. At the cheese factory, we deliberately opted for a unique cheese-making process that prioritises the quality of the cheese. ‘At Amalthea, it’s all about producing the best cheese. We taste and assess our cheeses every day, so that we can supply our customers with the best possible products. The fact that our judging ability is awarded prizes underscores our craftsmanship,’ our proud production manager, Marcus Peters, tells us. Hein van den Borne, R&D manager and award winner, explains: ‘I can confirm that, at Amalthea, it really is about producing the best cheese. The innovations we develop also stem from our expertise and passion for cheese.’ ‘And it’s not only about semi-hard cheese. Our range also includes the soft cheeses and white cheeses that we develop in close collaboration with our customers,’ product developer, Jo Penders, tell us.

About Amalthea

Amalthea is a Dutch goat cheese and organic cow cheese producer affiliated with the goat farmers cooperative with the same name. The highest quality goat and organic cow milk is delivered every day and is then prepared in Amalthea’s modern cheese factory, where it is turned into award-winning Dutch goat and organic cow cheese. CleardMilk® – the ideal basis for dairy and cheese innovations and local production – is also produced in that factory. Based in Rijen (North Brabant), the Amalthea Group processes more than 130 million litres of milk annually, and has a workforce of around 70 employees.


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Corporate social responsibility

The cooperative believes in transparency in the chain and when it comes to the environment, which is why several members of the cooperative have educational programmes for primary and secondary schools, and tertiary education institutes on their farms. Groups can also visit the farms. We also frequently collaborate with universities about animal welfare research.